Speciality Products

Top-line Tapes

This braided thread is made of Polyester yarn from reputed factories across the globe and used as top-line tapes for shoe and uppers. Our tapes are made of high quality polyester filament yarn and used in high quality shoes.

MM Meter
2.0 mm 600 Meters/cone
3.0 mm 300 Meters/cone

*By order

It is also available on Bonded Finish.

Metal Threads

This thread is made of high tenacity nylon 66 yarns and a specialty yarn to give us the strength of nylon and the metal finish for the use of decorative stitch in children and ladies shoes. It is a very special product and manufactured by selected companies around the world. It is available in Full silver, Dull Gold, and Pure Gold.

Tkt Meter
20/3 1000 Meters/cone
30/4 1000 Meters/cone
40/3 1000 Meters/cone
60/2 1000 Meters/cone

*All Threads are by Order

Shoe Laces

Our special division for Shoes laces is manufacturing shoes laces for the shoes industry. We can manufacture any type of shoes lace made of cotton, filament polyester, spun polyester and poly cotton in flat type, round type, box type, round waxy, flat waxy, water repellant, glazed, double color, triple color and as per the sample. We strive hard to made laces of high quality. We cam made laces in multiple sizes from 55 cm to 175 cm.

Adhesive Tapes

Our another special division for adhesive tapes is manufacturing adhesive tapes for the shoes and leather goods industry. It comes in White and black color and in the measurements of 4mm, 8mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm and 30 mm in 50 meters rolls. Special measurement is also available on request. It has a good adhesive property and used by many leading shoe manufactures.